Our vineyards

The Casa Setaro vineyards are divided into multiple plots, all within the Vesuvius National Park. They were inherited by the families of Massimo’s parents.

casa setaro, vigneti

The highest of the vineyards are to be found in the area of Alto Tirone. They are by far the highest on Vesuvius: beyond, are the pine forests which are part of the park and planted to hold the sandy soil, rich in lapilli and typical of the Vesuvius. In the vicinity of these vineyards is one of the entrances to the park, the one by the old Matrone Road. It is less busy than the other and for this reason it is probably even more fascinating.

Because the soil is so loose and sandy here, the vines are not grafted, thus without the use of the American foot which is essential to protect the plant from Phylloxera. Phylloxera cannot survive in soils such as these, in fact. The vines are reproduced by planting vine stocks directly into the ground. Here and there one can see the new plants surrounded by green nets to protect them from greedy hares coming from the nearby pine forest. The training system is that of guyot and spurred cordon.

The other vineyard is located further down the valley in the Bosco del Monaco locality. Compared to the vineyards in Alto Tirone, the soil is equally dark but heavier. Older vines are grown here using the traditional Vesuvius Pergola system.

More recently other vineyards were included in Irpinia, from which our Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo are produced.