The National Park of Vesuvius

Not far from Casa Setaro, at the start of Matrone Road above Trecase, is one of the entrances to the Vesuvius National Park which was established in 1995 to protect the flora and the fauna typical of this volcano. Less frequented than the other park most often visited by tourists, especially those coming off cruise ships, from here it is possible to arrive an altitude of 1170mt. and beyond, starting off from the “Capannuccia”. To reach it, it is necessary to take a four-wheel-drive truck which leaves every half hour and climbs along a very winding road full of rough places.


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The landscape varies considerably in just a few minutes of the journey: in late Spring the volcanic vegetation displays all its colours. One passes through the dense pine forests, which filter the silver and red light, on to the expanse of blooming gorse – it’s like crossing a huge, yellow cloud – and to the purple flowers of lavender.

There was a time when Massimo Setaro and his family, like all the other inhabitants of Trecase, used to climb up here on foot or by car. It was the classic family outing, the perfect location for a picnic surrounded by nature. Today, as then, once one arrives at the top, the uniqueness of this quiet, less frequented side, cannot but immediately enchant.