The Cellar

The cellar is located under the family house, in perfect temperature and humidity conditions. During the harvest, grapes are gathered here from the vineyards located within the Vesuvius National Park for the pressing and vinification. Before destemming and soft-pressing there is a further phase of grape selection.


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For white wine, there is a maceration at low temperature in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of circa 4°C for 48-72 hours (24 for our rosé wine), followed by drawing off and soft pressing, clarification of the must and fermentation at a controlled temperature of circa 10-12°C. For red wines, after destemming and pressing the fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of circa 15°C until fermentation is completed. Soft pressing follows.

In a more secluded part of the cellar, there is an area where our red wines, after vinification, rest in wood barrels of different capacity and types of wood. In particular, the Lacryma Christi Riserva Don Vincenzo rests in barrels for  14months before being refined in bottle. The Lacryma Christi Rosso and the Aglianico Tauro have a shorter passage in barrel.


In another part of the cellar a wine tasting area has been designed so that wine lovers and winte tourists can enjoy tasting Casa Setaro‘s wines.