A thousand-year history, a vineyard of volcanic origin.
And a family dedicated to traditional viticulture, with an “eye” to the future.

Casa Setaro is located in Trecase, in the province of Naples, in the Vesuvius National Park, since 1995 it has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

It is a story that has always been linked to the set of three elements: the volcanic soil, the climate mitigated by the sea of the Gulf of Naples and the meticulous experience of a family, committed to handing down the love and respect for viticulture from father to son.

This heritage of genetically unique values and ungrafted vines is the starting point for producing a range of high quality wines with a strong identity.

Everything comes from the care and wholesomeness of the raw material: without quality grapes it is not possible to produce excellent wines.

For Casa Setaro, love for wine is like love for our sons. Each bunch of grapes must grow with the same benevolent dedication: to do well today and to do well tomorrow.

Our Wine Life